Hazmat Transfer

We offer a full hazmat transportation service for the trade for class 1.3c and 1.4s explosives via our dedicated ADR approved transport.

The collection fees as per the map below are as follows:

PURPLE: £190.00 per collection

ORANGE: £46.00 per collection

RED: £105.00 per collection

The collection fee is regardless of the quantity of packages collected on a given day and all packages would incur a £35.00 delivery charge to your customers door.

EXAMPLE: Collection of 10 packages from RED zone:

£105.00 collection charge and £35.00 delivery per package = £455.00

In order to take advantage of our hazmat service, all trade customers can contact us with their requirements at sales@reloading.co.uk

Deactivation Service

We offer a deactivation service to the general public and trade account holders for all Section 1, 2 and 5 weapons.

The deactivation service takes upto 3 weeks to complete and all weapons will be returned to the owner with a full deactivation certificate, meaning that the weapon can be placed on display.

This is usually a great alternative to losing a weapon or requiring a license if a 'loved one' has left a weapon for you to keep.

The deactivation service includes the following:

  • Collection of the weapon from the owners premises
  • Removal of weapon from the owners license
  • Transfer of the weapon to the relevant proof house for deactivation
  • Receive the weapon and deactivation certificate back from the proof house
  • Delivery directly back to the owner

Our deactivation service costs are as follows and all services are inclusive of VAT:

  • Section 2 Shotgun £395.00
  • Section 1 Rifle £426.00
  • Section 1 Pistol £426.00
  • Section 5 Pistol £612.00
  • Section 5 Other £799.00

Please contact us with your requirements at sales@reloading.co.uk

Section 5 Transfer

We now offer Section 5 transfers throughout the UK.

In order to have in your possession and transfer as freight forwarders, prohibited weapons and prohibited ammunition to which section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968 you are required to hold a certificate issued by the Home Office that authorises this activity.

Reloading UK have been authorised to transport prohibited weapons and prohibited ammunition under Section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.

If you are a Section 5 Dealer or an End User and require the transportation of a weapon/weapons, please contact us for a custom quote at sec5@reloading.co.uk


Weapon Scrapping/Destruction

Most constabularies within the UK now require the firearms dealer to scrap weapons manually, rather than passing these items to the police force for destruction.

This can be very time consuming and the correct equipment is also necessary.

We now offer a full service whereas the dealer can transfer the guns to ourselves, drop them off, or have them collected.

We will then transfer these weapons to our scrap register, destroy them within Home Office regulations, take photographs to provide to yourselves and the issuing police force of the said RFD certificate, and send all scrap parts to the scrap merchants for destruction.

As easy as that!

Quotes are based on the number of weapons required to be destroyed.

Please contact us for a custom quote at scrap@reloading.co.uk